Caesar Creek, Ohio

Updated 14 Nov 2021

Caesar Creek is a tributary of the Little Miami Scenic River in Soutwest Ohio. The watershed includes a man-made flood contrl lake, a State Nature Preserve, and the Caesar Creek State Park. several State Wldlife areas. Pageges here contain nformation that took some time to gather. The pages also contain experiments in RWD, SEO, legibility, layout and design, special HTML/CSS effects, and some Javascript.

Luminance, Luminance Ratio, and Web Page Legibility

New: 30 Nov 2021
This page provides an interactive tool for evaluating text-color and background-color pairs by calculating their LR (Luminance Ratio) and displaying samples of the pair.

What's an Isotelus?
Long before there were dinosaurs, there were trilobites. The species of the genus Isotelus were the largest of them all.

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